Monday, April 19, 2010

Our First Outing!

We had our first outing today. We went to visit Great Grandpa Collins in the hospital where he had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago. Micah and I got a good laugh that at 4 days old Landry was visiting the hospital for the first time instead of coming home from the hospital...a little ironic!

Landry did a great job riding in the car, and we were able to handle "nursing on the go" just fine. What a relief!

As we entered the hospital, one of the nurses said, "That must be the Bob Collins baby...I recognize your pictures!" My Grandpa had pictures of Landry up in his room and had been telling everyone all about her. It was so nice for her to get to meet him today!

We are looking forward to getting out again soon. Landry will have another visit to a different hospital tomorrow for her first appointment with a doctor. We can't wait!

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