Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sweet Husband...

I am not supposed to tell you something, so I am not going to. I will tell you that my husband is very sweet, and I will post a picture below to give away what sweet thing he did for me. This will really be a test of whether or not he reads our blog. :)

Throughout our pregnancy, Micah has been completely patient and wonderful. He tells me that I haven't been demanding or "bad" during the pregnancy, so that makes me feel a little better for all the nice things he has done. I HAVE to list them because I know that some of you will really enjoy the details. :) Here are a few of the terrible things his has fallen victim to helping me with during the past 9 months...
  • During the first 2 months, he cleaned up an unheard of amount of puke. Everywhere.We.Went.

  • About month 4 or 5, he told me that my legs looked like a 12 year old boy. I think this was a hint for me to shave, but I didn't.

  • Around month 6 or 7, he told me that I no longer looked like a 12 year old boy. I now had moved on to a teenage male. He helped me shave my legs.

  • I think the teenage male in the house was reiterated and confirmed when for an entire month all I wore was HIS underware under MY maternity clothes. (I didn't say this would be pretty is just the truth!)

  • Now, for the past several months I have been good. I have shaved my own legs (without being asked!), worn my own underware, and been a complete angel (lol).

Today, I did ask Micah for a favor. Remember, the thing that I am not supposed to tell you? As much as you ask, I am not going to tell. However, see below for a hint.

Chubby little pregnancy toes all painted!! He even stayed in the lines!
Then, to be manly I am sure, he went outside and washed both of our cars. Win, win for me today!

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  1. Oh, what a sweet post! I didn't know Micah had that in him. But it is well deserved. You are a great wife and will be one of the best mothers to sweet Landry. By the way, feet shouldn't look that slim at 40 weeks pregnant. That's just not fair! :)