Thursday, November 17, 2011

Collier is 3 months old!

My precious little bundle turned 3 months old this week! It is so hard to believe how fast time is flying by. Collier is such a sweet boy...a spoiled rotten sweet boy. :) Not that I wasn't attached to him from the beginning, but he and I have really seemed to bond over the past month. He is getting such a personality, smiles at everything, and definitely KNOWS WHO HIS MAMA IS. He wants to be held as much as I will hold him, loves to nurse to be comforted, and is a huge fan of his big sister! Here are a few things that are going on at 3 months...
  • Collier starts the night sleeping in his Moses basket by our bed. He goes down around 9:00 and sleeps until 1 normally. When he wakes up, he moves to our bed to eat and sleep the rest of the night. I fall back asleep almost immediately after I put him in our bed, and I honestly can't tell you how many times he wakes up after that. He will sleep until about 9:00 in our bed if I sneak out and put pillows around him where he still feels snuggled up. We love having him in our bed, and will probably keep him there until the first of the year.
  • He still won't take a bottle or a pacifier, but we are working on it. Honestly, instead of getting better, he seems to get worse some days. He is even particular at this point about which side he wants to nurse off of. If he is really sleepy and wanting to nurse for comfort, he only wants to be on my right side. I think it is because I produce less on that side, and he is totally using me as a pacifier. If I try to get him on my left side, he will arch his back and be stiff as a board. Micah and I giggle and say that he is "planking" and we should take a picture. LOL. Silly boy...I know this won't last forever. Taking it one day at a time!
  • Collier currently has red hair. :) Landry went through this phase too as her hair went from brown to blonde. I don't see it as much, but total strangers will say, "where did he get the red hair?"  No one that I can think of on either side has red hair, so I figure that it will just end up being blonde like Landry's. We will see! He is also going to get his first hair trim in the next few weeks. That boy has some long random hairs that hang over his ears...I think his hair is going to be thick like his daddy's. Why do the boys always have the gorgeous thick hair!?
  • He rolled over for the first time this morning! From his stomach to his back. He loves being on his belly, and his is great at holding his head up.
  • He weighs somewhere close to 19 pounds now. He is a big, chuky boy. Wearing 6 months clothes and size 2 diapers.
  • Collier naps pretty well during the day. He isn't napping in his crib yet, but he will after we get an additional camera for our monitor at Christmas. He takes around a 2 hour nap in the morning in his swing. This is a great time for me to get showered or several things done for the day if I can get Landry down at that same time. Sometimes in between Landry's naps, I will let Collier lay in her crib and sleep/play. He loves her music machine, and I love that I can see him on the camera. It is a good way for him to get used to being away from us for a little while.
  • He loves watching TV. This was kind of an accident, but when he would cry and Micah would pick him up, his eyes would be GLUED to the TV and he would stop crying. He loves watching football, but especially likes Nick Jr. and shows with lots of music. Our TV is a little high for him to see unless he is on the couch, but he layed on the floor at my mom's yesterday for a whole hour playing with toys and giggling at the music on TV.
What a sweet blessing Collier has been to our family! This week has been a little rough for us with several things going on. A young mother that I was in Bible study with passed away from a brain tumor...she left 3 babies (6, 4, and 2) and her husband behind. I also met a girl last night that lost a baby 4 months ago when he was 3 months old...a precious baby boy, just like Collier. A good family friend was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer along with having many heart issues...cancer treatments can be hard on the heart anyway, so that makes their situation extra sensetive. And, a former co-worker of mine and Micah's is in her last few days of a long battle with cancer and will be leaving behind a 4 year old daughter and husband.
Y'all...I am blessed. I am blessed each and every day to be a mother to these babies and a wife to Micah. Let's all remember to count our blessings today and to thank God for the time he has given us with those we love. I don't know that I will be here tomorrow, so I will try today to give my children a little extra love, slow down and enjoy the little things, not worry so much about the laundry and dishes, kiss my husband an extra time or two, and thank God that I have a warm couch to snuggle with my family on. Really, what else matters? Thank you, Jesus, for today!

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