Friday, November 4, 2011

This girl LOVES shoes!

Since Landry was little bitty, she has really loved shoes. When she started wearing them, she would play with her feet, chew on them, etc. She is constantly getting in our closet and putting our shoes on (on her and on us!), and if she sees a pair of her shoes around the house, she wants them on her feet! If I take my shoes off at the door, she will bring them to me and try putting them back on my feet. In a weird way, it is really sweet. She puts her shoes on Collier, on her baby get the point. She loves them!
Anyway, she is to the point now where she can put almost all of her shoes on herself, and she loves putting them on, taking them off, switching the feet, unbuckling, and looking in the mirror at the different ones she puts on...we are really in for it as she gets bigger! :) 
So...I say all that to share these next few pictures. I found these cute pink boots at the Rhea Lana's sale in Springdale. They were only around $4, and seriously one of the best items I have even spent $4 on. They are Landry's new favorites. No matter what shoes I have on her, if she can get to her boots, she switches and puts them on. The other day, she even hid the original shoes I had on her so that she didn't have to take the boots off. Ha! What a mess, but a precious mess!  

We have the boots in brown too, but I am not sure that they will get as much use this winter...we will see!

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  1. every girl love shoes, you girl its just a girly girl!!