Monday, March 11, 2013


I'm forcing myself to take the rest of the week off from blogging. I need a little break. I need to not think about things so much, I need to not feel the pressure to (or not to) blog about Parke everyday. I loved keeping everyone up to date on his status, and I will love looking back at the memories we documented, but I'm a little worn down. 
One thing I do want to document before I take my time off is this...
I have the best, best, best friends in the whole world. Honestly. Our friends have helped carry our family through this journey with Parke like I never imagined. I have a picture of some of them from the service on Saturday, but not all of them. So, before I go on...just because you're not in the picture doesn't mean I don't love you! :) These were the hostesses for the reception after the service. 
Here are a few public thank-you's. These ladies are amazing!
(left to right):
Sarah-Thank you for your sweet messages and prayers, for making me laugh, and for helping to coordinate child care. 
Stephanie-Thank you for coordinating meals and childcare. Saturday was so smooth with much thanks to you!
Jennifer-Oh goodness...thanks for bringing out your inner therapist and telling me it is okay to cry. Thanks for making me laugh, and thank you to your sweet husband for being Parke's doctor and loving him so well. 
Michelle-My sweet soul-mate. Thank you for being my eating buddy (ha!), cuddling on the couch with me, and for being the mommy to one of Parke's best friends (Isaac). 
Sarah Lauren-This one makes me cry a little bit. God gave me you as my rock throughout Parke's life. Thank you for being here constantly during his life and jumping straight in my bed with me the minute he passed away. Also, thanks for mothering another one of Parke's best friends (Harris). :)
Cara-Thank you for feeding me, for loving my children so preciously throughout these past months, and for being just so darn thoughtful. You have blessed my heart!
Cathy-Thank you for your sweet messages, prayers, and concern. Thank you for helping with Landry and Collier and being such a support. 
Kathleen- Thank you for adding inches to my waistline. :) Your desserts...good grief! Thank you for checking on us regularly, for being Landry's play buddy, and for loving Parke. 
Kristen- My newest precious friend! Thank you for your daily concern for our family, thank you for being Landry's dance mama, and thank you for being such a blessing to my heart. I'm thankful that we met at the right time, and sweet Parke's life bonded us. 

I could start naming so many people that aren't in this picture, but then it would never end. We had friends travel hours to be here with us, feed us, call us, pray for us. It all means the world. We did not go one day without someone checking in on us. 49 days (plus) of phone calls, texts, meals, coffee. We are blessed by each of your friendships, and I thank God daily for the people he placed in our lives. 

So, that's it. Goodbye for a week or so! 


  1. Looks like you have a good group of friends Lindsey. I'm so glad. The service was beautiful. I'm sorry I couldn't stay very long to say hello and tell you how beautiful and precious Parke is. Continued prayers from the Trumbos

    1. Thank you for being there, Lisa! And...we appreciate the prayers very much!