Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life with Landry

Landry is so much fun, and she still makes us laugh all the time. Her little sayings, her funny facial expressions...she is just HER, and I love it! She doesn't care what people think (except her Daddy...she always wants him to tell her she is pretty!), and she kind of dances to the beat of her own drum. I'm glad she does because that keeps life exciting. You never know what is going to come out of her mouth...sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy. 

Landry loves to dress up and show us her new outfits. 
Here...blocks as shoes. Notice, Ernie is in a box too. Things must coordinate. Ha!
She calls tutu's "princesses" and always wants to wear a princess whenever we are going someplace special....or just to Wal-Mart. :)

Some of my favorite things she has said lately are:
-"Daddy can do anything for me." 
-"You're my best girl, mama!"
-In the car she told me "That truck zoomed!" about a truck that drove by fast. I told her how smart she was for noticing things. A few minutes later, I told Collier he was smart about something else. She got upset and said, "He's NOT smart! He didn't say that truck zoomed!" :) Competition. 

 Landry's other interests right now are:
-Being naked. That girl will strip off her clothes any chance she gets. She also helps Collier take his clothes off regularly. One morning, I walked into the kitchen, and there were two bare booties playing with magnets on the refrigerator. I asked where their clothes went, and Landry said, "We wanted to be naked and eat our cinnamon rolls together!" I could not stop laughing long enough to explain that it was not a great plan. 
-She loves giving "squeeze hugs," and they are the best!

I love the things that a two-year-old comes up with on her own. There are a few things that Landry says or does "wrong" that I refuse to correct. They are just too sweet! 
-She calls her nightstand a "porch." I have no idea where she got that, but she will ask us to leave things like her water, necklace, etc. on her "porch" while she sleeps. Love that!
-Also, she loves to tell people she's about to be 3 (only a few more weeks!). When she holds up three fingers, she holds her ring finger down. See the picture below. :) 

She is definitely my best girl, and I am SO thankful for her. She lifts my spirits and keeps me giggling. She is hard-headed and can have a mean streak, but she is 2 after-all. When Landry Elise made me a mama, she allowed me to look at everything with new perspective...I'm grateful! 

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