Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Easter was simple and sweet for us this year. Leading up to it was a little bit of a whirlwind, so it was nice to have a relaxing day. We were in St. Louis for a few days the end of last week (pictures coming tomorrow!), we got home Saturday night around 5:30, Micah and I had a birthday party to attend that night at 7, and then we left the house at 8 the next morning to drive an hour and a half to attend church with Micah's parents. We were excited to get there, and the kids were super happy to see their Gigi and Papa-D. 

We went to church and they had a brunch afterwards. Then, we went back to Micah's parents and visited for a few hours before we had a mid-afternoon lunch. We had SO much food...it was crazy, but delicious! :)

The weather was perfect, and the kids hunted a few Easter eggs. Collier was not into it, and he would throw his basket down every time I handed it to him. Landry loved it! 

We got to visit with Micah's Grandmama and Grandad and his Aunt and Uncle. Landry loves for Grandmama to play on the piano and let her sing. :) 

Micah's mom had a picture of him out from when he was little. She thinks he was 3 in the photo. I LOVE that I have a little mini-Micah! :) A few people commented that his face is shaped more like mine, but I still think they are twinkies! 

 After lunch we headed over to the farm to hunt more eggs and play. The kids loved Papa-D's new toy...I think Micah did too. 

And...the kids were pooped. Collier napped for 2 hours on Micah's chest after church, and then after the farm Landry napped for an hour. He got lots of baby snuggles! 

One of the best decisions we made a few years ago was to start switching off holidays between both sides of the family. We don't try to do it all anymore, and it is so, SO nice. Instead of rushing from one house to the next, we actually get to spend quality time with one family and the kids get to relax and play. We always miss the family we don't see, but the quality time is perfect. 

On the car ride down and home, Micah had some time to talk to the kids (Landry specifically) about Easter and the reason we celebrate. I loved watching Landry listen and seeing her wheels turn. One time, he asked her a question about when Jesus died, and she answered, "And he saw a crocodile!" with big eyes and in the deepest voice (like it was a scary story). She is such a mess, but I love that seeds are being planted. We told her about how Jesus died for our sins so that we can spend eternity with him. We also got to tell her that in addition to seeing Jesus one day, we will also get to see baby Parke again...that made her ears perk up. Our sweet girl misses her baby, and we do too. He got to spend his first Easter with the Risen King, and what could be better than that?! 

I hope your Easter was truly blessed!

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