Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Landry's Tea Party!

Oh my goodness...Landry turned 3 today! She has had the best, best, best time celebrating the past few days. Her party was on Saturday, and I have so many pictures from all that we have done that I am going to split them up into a few posts. 

This post is all about the party...Landry's perfect princess tea party!
She talked about this for weeks, and she made it very clear that no boys were allowed. Even Collier and Daddy were marked off the list! We had several little ladies show up, and Landry just loved celebrating with all her buddies. We had tea {lemonade} and lunch, made necklaces, opened gifts,  and decorated cupcakes.
I had so much fun planning and decorating for this party. So girly, so bright! I've already started thinking about Collier's party for August, and it is going to be ALL BOY. I am enjoying the extremes. :) 


One of my favorite pictures ever! :)

These girls are all adorable, and we had such a great time! 
Thanks to all who made her day extra special! 

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  1. All of these pictures made me smile....so precious!! What a fun day for a little princess :)