Thursday, April 18, 2013

Celebrating HER Day

Landry's tea party was such a hit with her, but the celebrating didn't end there. Since her party was early, her birthday coming up was a big topic of conversation...for days! 
This has been my favorite birthday celebration with the kids so far. Landry really understood, and that was so exciting to watch. Precious memories! :)

On Sunday, I took Landry to Wal-Mart (dressed like a princess, of course) and let her spend some of her birthday money. She ran up and down the toy aisle showing me everything she loved. She picked out a Doc McStuffins set and the biggest baby doll I've ever seen. 

On L's actual birthday, we had the best time. When Landry woke up, I went into her room singing and telling her she was THREE! She snapped at me and insisted she was still two. After I explained that it was finally her real day, she was beside herself excited! :) 
We had eggs for breakfast (by request), played outside with Gigi who came to visit, went to the park, at "Chick-A-le" for dinner, and opened more presents. Micah loved getting to watch her open gifts and blow out her candles since he was banned from the tea party!

We gave Landry one of my hand-me-down American Girl dolls and tea sets as her gift. She loved it and named her doll Lindsey (we started with Larry, so it's an improvement). It fits well since this was the doll that supposedly looked like me...even though she didn't have thick glasses or a bowl cut! (Side note: I'm pretty sure my mom didn't like me. Ha!)
It was funny to hear Landry bossing and sassing "Lindsey" that really threw me off at first! :)
I have 6 other AG dolls hidden that will be passed down at some point. After seeing the abuse this one is taking, it might be a while!


  1. So cute! Happy 3rd Birthday Landry!!

    1. Thanks Amy! Can't wait for your little one's arrival! :)