Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Catching Up...

I got way behind on blogging this week, so this post is going to have lots of pictures! Some need explanation, most don't. So...here goes our last week! 

The rest of the St. Louis Trip...
Purina Farms Springtime Village

Ice cream after a fancy dinner...
We spent lots of time with our good friends the Hectors while we were in STL. Jason is a chef, so we always get the inside scoop on where to go. He picked some great places while we were there. Even if we ate dirt, I think I would still enjoy their company! I think...

Landry and her daddy danced after dinner to some music outside. She sure loves him! 

Shirley Temples at the Embassy
{I loved doing this when I was little!!}

 Magic House...

We got home, and Landry miraculously has long enough hair for a real ponytail! 

I went on a women's retreat to Tulsa this past weekend with our church. I didn't take a single picture while we were there, but I roomed with this sweet friend, Sarah Lauren. We were supposed to have two of our other good friends with us, but it ended up just being us for the night. We stayed up laughing and talking until almost 2. We were exhausted the next morning, but had such a sweet time visiting. Mamas don't do that enough! I ate 4 meals with two hands, had fellowship with some precious ladies, and did some catching up with friends that was way overdue. Our speaker for the weekend had an awesome message as well. 

Sunday we took Collier to his first movie! It was only Landry's second, and they both seemed to enjoy it. They wanted the popcorn to keep flowing and would get antsy when their cups weren't full. :)
Our idea of fun isn't spending over $40 to wrestle with kids to stay still for 2 hours...I doubt we do this very often. They like to watch movies at home just as much, and then we can pause and let them play when they get distracted. :)

Monday after Landry's dance class, she and I had a girl's afternoon! I love spending time one-on-one with my kids, and they eat it up! We found sassy-pants a new hat, got treats at Starbucks, went to several fun stores for her, and then did a boring grocery run. We had a great day!

We have a new favorite spot to eat our snacks....right by the front door! These kids are strange, but I love them! 

We played outside tonight with cousins...

and poor Collier's face met the sidewalk for the first time. We are pretty scuffed up, but he only cried for a second. 

Ahhh! That feels good to get that all done. 
Micah has been crazy busy for a few days, and that just gets me all out of sorts. I get out of my routine, and things get put on the back burner. I'm thankful that he is so helpful and I'm thrown off when he's not around...makes me appreciate him even more! :) I have a few posts coming up that I've been thinking a lot about...hopefully I'll get to those soon!


  1. Lindsey,
    I have been thinking about you and your family a lot. I have been ptaying for strength. Your kids are so adorable.
    Katrin (we met at ACH briefly)

    1. Thank you Katrin!! Hope your family is doing well!