Monday, April 15, 2013


Funny that I titled this post "pictures" when there won't be one in the entire post. :) 
I've been in a bit of a slump with picture taking. I actually just uploaded some photos from Landry's Tea Party Birthday on Saturday (her REAL birthday is tomorrow, so all the pictures are coming!). When I uploaded them, there was a break in the dates from February 27th until today. The 27th was the day before Parke passed, and I hadn't pulled out my camera since. I've taken plenty of pictures on my phone, but it felt good to put the memory card back in the camera and get going. 
So...hopefully more updates and pictures coming of my precious babes. 

Just for giggles:

Landry called me a "pajama queen" last night. :) She totally meant to say drama queen because we have called her that a few times, but I just loved it! 

She was very strict that ONLY GIRLS were allowed at her tea party birthday. Micah was teasing her the other night and told her he was planning on coming. She said, "Daddy, you're a boy now, so you can't come." I guess she thought Micah used to be something else. Ha!

Collier has learned to say his name, "Coll-U" and "No way!" Our lives are getting more and more entertaining!  

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