Thursday, March 7, 2013

One Week

I can hardly believe it has been one week since Parke passed away. These 7 days have flown by and have felt so strange. I have grieved over a lost life before, but never anyone who lived in my own home. There are tiny things all over this house that remind me of our sweet baby....reminders I am thankful for. He was real, he was ours, and I want that feeling to stick. 
We spent 49 days with Parke in our arms, and each week was a celebration, a milestone. It feels funny to have a week pass...a milestone, but marking a loss instead of another birthday. I wonder how long I will count the weeks and the days? I don't know if that goes away or if I will always know that my baby would be 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 24 weeks old. 

As much as we think about Parke, grieve over him, and miss his presence, we are staying busy with Landry and Collier. Staying busy helps. The moments of sadness creep up at the strangest times, but especially when things are slow. 

In the midst of playing this week, Landry brought me this picture she "made of me." She said that it was a picture of me with baby Parke, "because he was your best friend." I love that girl! 

Here are some busy pictures of us from this weekend while my brother and sister-in-law were here. It was really good to get out of the house some instead of sitting on the couch and sulking. It's good for the kids for us to act as "normal" as possible, but we still make sure to talk about Parke regularly and answer Landry's questions. We want them to continue to know him and talk about their brother as they grow. 

The boys went to the Razorback game and chased Collier around. They said he loved it, but did not sit still for one minute. :)

Before I even go here, I've already been told that I am going to have to be watched! 
Landry may or may not have had her ears pierced on Saturday with my cousin. :) 
We had been talking about doing it for her birthday in April, so it was just a little early. Her daddy was a pushover when she asked him on Saturday, so he gave us permission to go. Seriously, cleaning those things 3 times a day is keeping me busy! 
One of my good friends asked me, "What's next? Is Collier getting a tattoo?" 

After the ear piercing torture, we went and got pedicures. Landry shared the foot soak bowl with me and loved it. The people at this nail shop really got to know Parke in his 7 weeks of life, and they were so sad when I walked in without him. 

Besides planning Parke's beautiful memorial service for Saturday, I have been keeping myself distracted with cooking, online shopping, and cleaning out closets. I think that Landry might be able to compete for the best dressed child award if I don't get myself under control. Maybe making some online returns will also keep me distracted!

We are continuing to feel your prayers for our family, and I can't tell you how much your precious words have meant. 
We're just missing our Parke Henry...


  1. Prayers for your family Lindsey! You need to update your blog side tabs with Parke and his story, he is forever a Gibson!

    1. I'm on it, Tara. :) Thanks for your sweet prayers!