Monday, March 25, 2013

He's my favorite handful!

Collier is so, so busy these days. Today is an update all about my little man...Micah's little clone! 

**Some of these photos are very poor quality, but for the safety of my dare-devil child, I had to be fast!**
Collier loves to explore, and he is not scared of anything. He has started climbing regularly, and I find him in the strangest places. 

On top of the breakfast table...

I was loading things in the car the other day and left the door open to the garage. I searched frantically for C for a few seconds, and then heard "beep beep!" He climbed up on daddy's tractor and was having a blast!

IN drawers...literally. 

He seriously keeps me hopping...and guessing! Just this morning, he was standing on my vanity chair, digging in my makeup drawer, had the hair dryer turned on, and was saying, "I pribby!" He loves to be fixed up. Ha! All this happened in the 2 minutes I was getting clothes put in the washer. He is fast!

 Another consistent thing with Collier is he loves to sleep. He goes to bed between 7:30 and 8:30 (we are trying to push it back so that we actually have some family time!) and sleeps until 9. He then takes a nap from about 11:30-2. If I do have to wake him up for some reason, THIS is what I get. 

These pictures are from one day last week when Landry was gone with Micah's parents. I can't remember where we had to be, but it was 2:30, and he was still sleeping. I went to wake him up, and he had HUGE tears streaming. I climbed in his crib with him (Micah thinks this is hilarious) to snuggle and let him wake up for a minute. He put his head on my legs and started snoring again! I was stuck in there for almost 30 minutes until he woke up. We were late wherever we were going, but I don't get quality time like this very often! :)

Most of the time, Collier is happy and so entertaining! He can throw a fit like nobody's business if he doesn't get his way, but I think that has a lot to do with his age and trying to figure out how to communicate. 

Here are some things he is doing now:
-He sings his ABC's all the time. QRSsssssss is his favorite part, and he adds that in several times throughout the song. :)
-He can count to 14 and totally skipped being excited about getting to 10. 
-He knows all of his main colors, and he loves to show off. He will be playing in another room from where I am and bring me toys to tell me what color they are. One day, he made 12 trips back and forth to the playroom bringing ONE toy at a time to tell us the color. It was adorable. 
-He calls the Hogs regularly. If you aren't a Razorback fan, you probably don't know what I'm talking about. Trust is cute!
-Collier literally runs laps around the house. He is constantly standing against our front door, saying, "Ready, Set, GO!" and taking off. He's going to work some of his chunk off if he's not careful! :)
-Speaking of being a chunk, Collier weighs 36 pounds at 19 months. He is wearing size 3 clothes in almost everything. I can get him in size 2 pants from Gap because they have adjustable waistbands. I LOVE my chunky man, and love that he is a big teddy bear! 
-Collier gives the best kisses and pats me on the back when he hugs. He also says, "Wuv-oo" and it melts my heart. 

I love being mommy to this little man. I pray that I steer his heart and nurture his personality into a great leader for his future pressure. Ha! Being the mama to a boy is special, and I love the challenge and blessing it is every day!

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