Thursday, March 27, 2014

Laughs from Landry...

As you know, I think Landry is funny. She makes me smile constantly, and I love documenting her silly quotes.
Here are the latest quotes from our ALMOST (in two weeks!) four-year-old...
-Torrible is her new word. A mix between terrible and horrible..."This iPad is acting torrible!"
-During Bible time one night, I asked her what we are supposed to do to our enemies when they are hungry. She quickly responded, "I eat em'!"  The answer I was looking for was FEED them. Ha!
-"I don't want to eat too much and fat my booty out!"
-"I want to help crack the eggs. I'm a good cracker!"
-"Nice mamas give their childs cookies."
-"When I turn 4, I'm going to be an adult. Then, I'll get spreckles on my legs and be a mommy like you!"
-She was being pouty one day and went in my room and closed the door. She pouted around for a few minutes and said, "Sometimes I'm all on my own. I'm just on my own right now." As I started to walk out of the room, she said, "I'm all on my own, but will you turn the TV on louder?" :)
-One day as I was getting Bretton out of the bath and Landry squealed, "He's not brown anymore! You washed him off!" His hands tend to lighten up when he gets cold, and apparently she thought he was changing colors. Silly girl.
And my favorite...
"Maybe my Ariel lipstick will give me a tail, and that hair, and that booby thing!"
She has also been saying some of THE sweetest things lately. She randomly tells me she loves me, that I'm the best, and how much she wants to grow up to be just like me. :) I'm trying to soak that up because I'm sure it will change one day! Earlier today as I was driving somewhere with just her, she said, "Mama, I really love how much fun we have together." Melt.My.Heart.

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  1. She is such a sweetie & has such a cute personality��