Monday, March 3, 2014

My Thing...

Anyone else have a crazy love addiction for coffee? I could possibly have a problem. I love my coffee in the mornings. I have all the gadgets to make my perfect cup. The process includes grinding fresh coffee beans, boiling water to "press" my coffee, heating my milk, mixing in the perfect amount of agave nectar, foaming my milk with this cool little thingy Micah got me for Christmas, and then taking a few quick drinks before I'm interrupted because it took me 20 minutes to make it. The process of making it is almost as relaxing and soothing as the coffee itself. It's my thing...we all have them.
I even take pictures of my coffee when I go out to fun places because I'm a total dork.

My favorite date nights or mornings out with girlfriends involve coffee. 
And...I'm passing my "problem" on to my innocent little 2 year old. :)

 Some of you saw the video on Facebook where Collier was asking  demanding "more coffee." He is hysterical and asks for "his" coffee almost every morning now. It's just warm milk that I froth with a little vanilla and honey. He loves, loves, loves it.
While Micah was home this weekend, he got to experience Collier's coffee craze. He was laughing so hard at him sitting at the table with a book and his mug. He said he looked like a middle aged man...except for the booster seat. :)
Maybe coffee will always be our thing to share? I love watching Collier grow and change...he is really getting to be all sorts of fun!

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