Monday, March 24, 2014

March Family Fun Night...

On Friday, we did our family fun night for March. Following our February trip to Great Wolf Lodge, this seems a little light, but we had a great time! The whole point of these monthly outings is to make sure we are intentionally spending time together as a family and focusing on having fun.
We started out our evening by eating ice cream! The place we went was right across the street from Chuck-e-Cheese's, and Landry BEGS to go every time we see it. We had never taken the kids before, and it was fun to get to say YES when she asked. :)

We spent some time at Chuck-e-Cheese's, and the kids went from one game to the next. They picked out their *junk* to spend their tickets on, and really seemed to soak it all in!

Landry loved being there, and she loved trying all the different games. Her favorite was riding the horse!
We decided to leave and go eat dinner at one of our favorite new restaurants. The line was long, but at least they had a flower bed full of mulch to keep Collier entertained. :)

After dinner, we headed to Cabela's for the kids to "visit" their animals. :) This is another thing that they ask to do a lot, but we rarely make time to go. I love this first picture of them in the cart...mesmerized!

All of the kids love seeing the fish. There are so many different kinds, and the big kids love when their Daddy tells them all about them. :)

And, of course, visiting the geese and ducks is a must.
We had a great night together, and Landry has already been asking when our next family date is! One thing that was really funny was when we left Chuck-e-Cheese's, Landry said, "But on that commercial, I saw people eatin' and drinkin' there. We didn't do any eatin' or drinkin'!" I think that was the only part of the night she was disappointed with. Ha!

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