Thursday, May 9, 2013

Collier's New Friend

This is a happy and a sad blog post. First, I have to admit that my baby boy has no friends. Second, this was Collier's first official play date. All of our play dates seem to be with Landry's friends or older kids who don't want to play with the "baby." :) 
The happy part is, that Collier has a new buddy! And...he got to have a play date that was all about him and had a good time with his friend. Landry was not thrilled about that, and she had some funny things to say before Braxton came over...
She said, 
"Collier, he really wants to play with me. We are going to do girly things, and I will dress him up like a king!"
After I explained to her that they were going to play together and probably not dress up...
"Yeah. They are going to do boy things and probably say, "Hey! Where's my basketball?"" 

And, she was kind of right! 
They took a little while to warm up to each other, but they did end up playing basketball. 

Then we played upstairs and ignored each other for a while...

And, we finally got some hugs in before nap time. 

The boys are a month apart and will be two in August and September. It was so fun to watch Collier play with someone his own age, and it was absolutely adorable that we accidentally dressed them like twinkies. :)
So fun! 
Now, I don't have to worry that my kid is the one with no friends. Ha!

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