Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Landry's new room!

This project has been a process. These "before" pictures were taken in November, but things have been just a little wild for us. :) Landry switched to a big girl bed last fall at about 2 1/2 years old. She has done so great, and she never gets out of her bed without asking us over the monitor first. She stays in bed all night, and sleeps like a champ in her big bed! Even though we switched her bed, her new big-girl decor has taken a little while to finish. I loved her nursery, so I wanted to be sure to keep little pieces of that and not change it up too much. 

Here are the pictures of the nursery...with our little girl in her crib. She has grown SO much since then. 

We completely cleared it out and started fresh. 

I looked for a long time to find the perfect bed for our sweet girl. I finally found the shape I wanted, but it was a little rough. I refinished the bed, and I love the way it turned out! 
These are the before pictures of the rusted/paint-chipped mess. :)

So, here it is! Light and fresh, girly and sweet. 
I changed out the curtains and went with an overall "lighter" color scheme. I still kept pops of the bright nursery colors by having a pillow and some artwork made from her old bumper pads. 

My good friend, Gina, from Willow Way Handicrafts made these precious shades for the chandelier. I love how it tones down the pepto-pink and breaks it up a little bit. :) 

Gina also made these covered canvases with some new fabrics and some nursery fabrics that we already had. 

I also love the re-purposed mirror from the nursery that was painted with Landry's name! 

Landry didn't seem to mind being in an un-decorated room  for so long, but she absolutely loves being a big girl and having a "new" room now. Collier also loves Landry's room because the bed is low enough that he can climb up there to "bounce, bounce, bounce!" 
It wont be too awfully long before he gets a big bed of his own! 

{You can find Willow Way Handicrafts on Facebook or contact me for Gina's info....they do a little bit of everything and are SO talented!}

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