Saturday, May 25, 2013

Life Lately...

Since we got back from vacation, life has been a little bit of a blur. We have been busy....we have also been fighting off the stomach bug that hit Collier the last day of vacation and then hit Landry in the vehicle on the way home from the beach. YUCK! 

I've been in a bit of an emotional funk thinking about Parke as we have traveled this past month. These trips were things we talked about with Parke's doctors when he was doing better than expected. We planned on him possibly being around to go with us, so it makes it weird to do things without him that we thought he might be with us for. Does that make sense? Not that we thought he was going to be "fixed" since it was clear he wouldn't be, but we had discussions about him holding on a lot longer than originally expected. It's just hard to explain. Excuse the rambling...
On the way to Florida, we took a detour in Little Rock and ate lunch with Parke's cardiologist and his family.  It was an awesome 2 hour break for the kids from being in the car, and we had a wonderful time visiting! They are precious, precious people. 

Rachel, one of the daughters, babysits for us some when she is in NWA. Landry loves Ms. Rachel!

In other news, we have been playing outside a lot lately. Collier would live outside if we would let him, and he throws an absolute fit any time we make him come in. Our neighbors texted us this picture yesterday of a snake they killed in the backyard (which is totally open with ours). I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit. I am not a fan of all. I know this is a black snake and is "safe" and is "good," but no thank you. Also, a yellow jacket built his home in the kids swing set (already!), and a wasp built her home ON our front door. I have a feeling I am going to have to toughen up this summer! 

We are enjoying this long weekend already. Micah is mowing and kids are napping in between birthday parties today. Church and dinner with friends tomorrow. Staining our garage doors and shutters on Monday...and hopefully a little relaxing somewhere in there! 

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  1. I hate that even the beautiful, fun moments of life are painful for you. I know that's normal given the circumstances, but still hate it. Enjoy your weekend. If you can, go get yourself a mani/pedi and some Sonic happy hour. Treat yourself! :)

    Happy Summer!