Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet "Dainty"

We have been crazy and traveling. I had the best of intentions to blog every day while Micah and I were out of town because I had a lot of down time while he was working. Well, I hauled our laptop down to Dallas and then realized that I hadn't uploaded any pictures before we left. So, I didn't turn it on once, and didn't get bored for one second. :) I enjoyed the mindless break. 

This was one of the posts I had planned on doing, and I have been meaning to do this for 6 months! So, here it is...documentation of Collier's must-have item. 

"Dainty" is Collier's green snuggle blankie.
Dainty was a baby gift from a sweet friend, and one of many snuggle blankets Collier had as a baby. Around 5 or 6 months, he really started showing that he liked this one the best, and it has been through a lot since then! He calls it "dainty" just because that is how blankie comes out. It's cute, and that is the name that stuck. When he can't find it, he will whine and say, "Dainty dow? Dainty dow!?" (aka: Blankie go?)

Dainty then.... 

Dainty now...
These pictures were taken straight from the dryer. This thing just stays looking nasty! 

Collier decided that chewing on the tag was his source of comfort, and this thing has been CHEWED. I tried buying a replacement, but he knows the difference and only wants the old one. 

13 months....

19 months...

21 months...

Do you think he'll take this thing to college? :) 

I love my sweet boy...and his dainty. We thought that we lost the blankie (for real) one day, and I almost started crying. This will be one of those baby items that I keep forever! 

Do your kids have snuggle items? Do they have one favorite? Landry will pretty much sleep without anything, but getting Collier to sleep without his blankie is a chore! 


  1. Too cute! I love how he refers to it as dainty. Our 3 year old has a little stuffed seal she named Connor (my best friend's son's name is Connor. He is 18 months. Seal was renamed shortly after he was born.). It used to be cute, fluffy, and white. It is now gray, dingy, and stinky. She cannot sleep without it and we have had many a night searching for that little seal before bed. I too will probably keep it forever. Our 7 year old has a stuffed duck that he has slept/played with for the last few years. He likes to act so grown up but I love to watch him cuddle with his duck at night:)

    1. I love these little things too! So sweet!!