Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Grandparents...

We are so fortunate that Micah and I have had all of our grandparents around until the past few years. At our wedding, we had all 8 grandparents there! We have lost Micah's PawPaw and my Mamaw since, but it is so special to be able to talk to our kids about their great-grandparents and tell them important traits about who they are...things that will shape their lives! We are so, so blessed to be able to spend time with my grandparents this week. 
Grandma and Grandpa took our family to Destin with my cousins every year that I can remember growing up. We have pictures on the beach with broken arms, diapers, eye patches and more...not much stopped us. :) 
3 years ago, my grandfather decided that he wanted to start the trip back up. He wanted to be able to see his 4 great-grandbabies enjoying the sand and water just like his grandchildren got to. We've been to the beach the last 3 years and have enjoyed every trip! Even though Grandpa can't make it down to the sand with his walker, he sits out on the patio and enjoys watching the kids playing. He is so happy to see them happy. 
Grandma and Grandpa (or G.G. and Pepaw as the kids call them) will be married 61 years this year. They are a testimony to what good people are, and we are blessed to get to share this time with them. 

 On top of all of that good stuff, Landry and Pepaw have a special bond. Some might even agree with me that she is his favorite great-grandchild. :) Tonight around bedtime, I was trying to find Landry. We found her in Pepaw's room "making donuts" in bed. They were describing how they tasted and what they were decorated with and "feeding" pretend donuts to each other. It was precious. 

It seriously makes my heart smile to see these two together! This week is so special...can't wait to share more with you! 


  1. Oh my god, I just LOVE the last picture. So sweet!

  2. Oh Lindsey.....those pics of Landry and her Great incredibly precious!! Melts my heart.

  3. Thanks girls! I sure love these memories we are making!!!

  4. How I wish I would see my grandbabies too when I get old. It must be heartbreaking to lose Micah's PawPaw and your Mamaw. At least you still have GG and Pepaw. Those two look cute and in love even after 61 years of marriage. And I can’t help but smile at those pictures of Pepaw and Landry. =) Taneka @