Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Um, yeah....sure!"

 "Um, yeah...sure!" is a new phrase in our house that I hear 5 million times a day. It is Collier's answer to any question we ask him. It has gone from everything being "no" to this in a matter of a few weeks. It is the sweetest thing to hear him talk, and he is doing a lot of it these days! He is learning so many new things, and he has changed drastically in the past few months. He is a sponge, and I just love watching him soak everything up. 

Here are some things that C is doing at 21 months:
-He loves to feed himself, but he won't eat unless he has silverware. 
-He is still super duper easy to put to long as he has "dainty" and a cup of "mulk." 
-He loves to laugh and will act so silly to try to make us laugh too. 
-He has the absolute sweetest personality and is very easy going....until he isn't. :)
-He loves being dirty.
-He calls pee pee "poo poo." When we are out places and he wets his diaper, he makes a scene by loudly announcing, "I poo poo, I poo poo!" until I will change him. We are going to start potty training soon....I'm not really looking forward to that!

Collier is starting to look so big. He is slimming down, but is still SO heavy and solid. If you look at the picture on our header (the family pic with Parke), you can see how much he has changed in just a few months. That picture was taken in February, and his face shape has changed a lot!

He loves to sing, and one of his favorite songs is "If You're Happy and You Know It." When I start singing and get to "clap your hands," he will say, "No! I want feet!" He loves to stomp his's his favorite part followed closely by "Hooray!" 

His vocabulary has seriously blown up this month. I can't wait to have long lists of funny things he says, just like Landry. I keep a notepad out on the counter to write things down before I forget. I love being able to tell Micah everything when he gets home and I love reading back through them! 

Currently, my favorite things from both of them are:
Landry: When I give her strawberries, she asks me to leave the "grass on." She loves eating around the stems!
Collier: When he asks for a "mama tiss." (Mama kiss). 

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