Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another House Update...

Things are moving along with the house! Each time we go out, there is new stuff to see...it is so exciting! I know this post will be super boring for a lot of people, but we have family that love us and want to see pictures. :)

They have finished bricking the house, and now they are laying the stone!

Our cabinets are in and ready to be stained. This picture is in our kitchen...

All of our exterior doors are installed and stained.

And...I literally squealed when I saw this today. We decided last minute to do a brick wall in our bedroom, and it is halfway done! I think I am going to LOVE this!

We should be moving the first part of May, and we are so ready! We started listing our furniture on Craigslist, and we are selling things out from under us! Currently, I am laying in my bed, and I am less than a foot off the floor because we sold our bedroom set. :) So thankful that we won't have to move as much, but I am ready to feel like I am not living in construction zone!

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  1. Hi, I am reading your blog for a little while, well first, Im from Venezuela, so my english is not very well, I decide write today because I´m little curious about something... You still pregnant right?, way you don´t mention anything about that?

    You family is so beautiful...