Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh my...

Landry is so much fun right now. We are loving the phase of life our family is in at this point! She is big enough that she knows what she wants, but she is still cuddly and sweet when she wants to be. Micah and I laugh all the time because there are so many things that we each see in her that remind us of each other. For example...

Little Micah

Landry without a doubt has her daddy's eyes. She is just beautiful (and so is he!). She is adventurous and not scared to check out new things. She likes people, but sometimes she can give you the cold shoulder if she isn't interested (sorry honey, but we know she gets this from you!) :) She loves unconditionally and gives the sweetest hugs and kisses!

Little Lindsey (aka: Miss Attitude)

Unfortunately, Landry inherited some of my stubbornness...what can I say, the girl knows what she wants! She can give "the look" like none other, and she will let you know when she is unhappy. When she has had enough, she has had enough! :) Micah laughs all the time about how Landry will curl her toes under just like me. She also constantly has her feet crossed when she is sitting or in her carseat. She likes to be touching someone at all times when we are around. She will be laying in bed next to us and just prop her leg up on us just to be close...sweetest thing ever!

We just love our sweet little angel so much! She is more fun everyday, and we cannot imagine our lives without her. Such a sweet blessing it is that God has allowed us to be her parents!

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