Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Razorback Baseball Game...

Baseball is my absolute favorite sport. It might be because it had to be while I was growing up...we practically lived at the ball field between my brothers. We went to our first Razorback Baseball game of the season a week or so ago. It was a pretty night, and we got to sit in the Arvest box. It is so nice to be inside on the cool nights! Micah and I took our friend Stephanie and her little boy Jackson with us. Micah's parents and our nephew, Jackson, were in the box with us too. It was a fun night!

Landry liked the cheerleaders!

So did Jackson...even though he acted a little shy. :)

The pom poms were her favorite thing!

This is that attitude we were telling you about. Little missy not getting something she wanted...

Sweet little Jackson eating his Cracker Jacks.

Landry beyond laughing at cousin Jackson. He loves to entertain her by running and jumping!

Sweet Stephanie and Jackson. We PROMISED that we would get his picture with the Razorback. It only took us about an hour to finally track him down!

By the time we found him, it was after bedtime, and Landry was pooped! Still, a cute picture. :)

Baby update coming soon!!

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