Thursday, April 7, 2011


We went to Branson last weekend as a little family, and we had a blast! Micah took off work on Friday, and we L.O.V.E. him being home with us. We had so much fun just relaxing, shopping, eating, and spending quality time together. We learned a valuable lesson that we will remember next time we travel...get a hotel room with a seperate living area where we can set up the pack-n-play. I had heard this from other parents, but we didn't think about it when we planned the trip. On Thursday night, we put Landry in her bed and had to sit there with the lights completely out until she fell asleep. She stood up in her pack-n-play and stared at me across the room for 45 minutes. Not a lot of fun. :) The second night, we did better. Micah and I got her to sleep before we put her down, and then we were able to watch a movie on the laptop instead of having to go to sleep at 8:30 again! LOL...the things we get excited about.

Landry "helped" me pack for the trip by taking everything that I packed back out for me. What a sweet girl!

My grandparents were in Branson staying at Big Cedar for the week. We arrived on Thursday night, and they were leaving Friday morning. It worked out that we were able to meet them for breakfast before they left. We ate out at Big Cedar at a buffet, and it was YUMMY! Landry loved the biscuits and gravy, eggs, and anything else Grandpa would give her. :)

That afternoon, we went outlet shopping. Landry was such a trooper with her naps being away from the house. She slept a little bit after breakfast, and then she passed out about 5:00 while we were still shopping. We didn't think she would take an afternoon nap, but the next thing we knew she was kicked back and snoozin'.

The second day of outlet shopping didn't last long. A few returns before we headed out of town. Landry just looked too cute not to get a picture! :)

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