Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Landry got to celebrate her first Easter this past Sunday. We were very busy running from one place to the next, but our day was blessed because we got to spend it together as a family. She decided not to take a nap at all that day, so she screamed the whole hour drive to Fort Smith, and the whole hour back. She faked us out when we got in the car to head home by taking a 5 minute snooze, but woke up screaming with all her might to be out of the carseat. :) I told a friend yesterday that God was certainly with us during the trip because I was about to go nuts on the way down (and Micah kept me calm), and Micah was about to lose it on the way home (and I was able to keep him calm). Luckily for all of us, we were not going crazy at the same time!

Here is a brief recap of our day...

First of all, we went to our wonderful church, FBC Rogers, for our Easter service. Y'all, we are blessed beyond measure to have the pastor that we do. He is a strong man of faith who is not scared to preach the truth. To be honest, Micah and I walked in, looked at the bulletin, and said to each other at almost the same time..."Oh my goodness, he is going to preach from Revelations on Easter!" Now, to be clear, he did not preach hell fire and brimstone, but he spoke on the truth of who Jesus was, is, and will always be (Revelation1: 17-18). Hell is a part of that, and Jesus holds the keys. It was a wonderful message to hear, and I know it was a message that needed to be preached. We are proud of our church and pastor everyday, but on Sunday especially, I was thrilled to be blessed with such a wonderful church home.

After our service, we headed down to Fort Smith to spend Easter lunch with Micah's side of the family. You have already heard how our trip down there went. :)

This is where we had lunch with the family. This is Gigi and Papa-D's new barn that they had built at their farm. Seriously, we ate in this thing...it is nothing like your typical barn! Gorgeous, to say the least!

After lunch, the big kids got to go fishing in the pond. They LOVE getting dirty, and are right at home being outside. This is Jackson checking out Avery's fish.

Great-grandmama and granddad with a few of the kids...

And Landry and Papa-D watching Avery swing in the barn.

After lunch, we headed back to NWA for an early dinner with my mom's side of the family...

Landry wasn't quite sure what to do with her Easter basket (or bucket), but she had lots of fun!

She finally found a few eggs, and quickly figured out that there was something she shouldn't have inside of them!

Cousin Judd was not too thrilled to share "his bench" with Landry. In his defense, she is taking up a lot of his space! :)

Judd and Landry with their matching Easter buckets that Aunt Jamia made.

Despite the fact that we rushed from here to there, got soaked in the rain, found 2 nails in our tires, and got to deal with a fussy baby all day, we are totally blessed to have the opportunity and reason to celebrate Easter. The gift that was given on the cross, and the fact that my savior and redeemer LIVES is reason enough for me to try my best to keep smiling through the trials of this life. I live knowing that one day I will be united with my Lord and be able to bow at his feet and thank him for the unbelievable gift that was given to me....to you....to Landry. We don't deserve it, we don't understand it, but I accept it! I pray you do to!

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