Saturday, April 16, 2011

24 weeks...

We are now 24 weeks along with baby #2...our precious little boy! We are enjoying watching him grow and feeling all his movements. I have gained 8 pounds so far, but I am already starting to feel huge. I know this will just get worse with the HOT summer ahead of us! We decided to name our little bundle Micah Collier Gibson. He will go by Collier, but he and his daddy will share initials (MCG) just like Landry and I do! We love him so much already, and we are excited to have him as a part of our little family.

Belly picture- 24 weeks

This is the fabric that I have chosen so far for his crib bedding. The color on the wall behind it will be the color for his nursery. It is called Leapfrog from Sherwin Williams. I will be adding a few more fabrics to the mix so that things aren't too matchy, matchy.

Collier will be using the furniture that is in Landry's nursery right now. It is a dark walnut color and will look great with his green walls and bright bedding. We have purchased Landry some antique furniture that is being refinished. Our little princess will have pink, girly furniture instead of the neutral stuff. So excited!!

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