Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby Dedication...

We had Collier's baby dedication at our church last Sunday, March 4th. Our whole family came to celebrate this special day for our little man, and it was such a sweet time to have everyone there! We chose for our pastor to read Proverbs 3: 5-6 for Collier's dedication..."Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways submit to Him, and he will make your paths straight." Pastor Wes and his wife, Lisa, prayed over Collier and our family. I absolutely love this time for our sweet babies! It is such a blessing to have a wonderful church to love and support our family!
I could absolutely kick myself for not getting more pictures of everyone who was there, but here is who was able to make it:
COLLIER, Daddy, Mommy, Landry, Gigi and Papa-D (Micah's Parents), Grandmama and Granddad (Micah's Grandparents), Mimi and Papa (my mom and step-dad), Dado and Nana (my dad and step-mom), Grandma and Grandpa (my grandparents), Aunt Emily, Uncle Kyle, Jackson, Avery, Uncle Drew, Aunt Jamia, Judd, Laurel, Uncle Tyler, and Aunt Emily #2!
That's right...24 people including 2 sets of his great-grandparents! This is one lucky little boy to have so many people that love him!
After the service, everyone came over to our house for brunch. We had a blast eating good food and getting to catch up. At Landry's dedication, we went out to eat afterwards...I have to say, this was much better! We were able to visit without having to rush, and it was just perfect getting to see everyone.  
Collier and his daddy before the dedication. Everyone thinks Collier is Micah's mini-me. His Grandmama even teared up and said she remembered Micah looking JUST like this. :) I am going to have two handsome men on my hands!

Pastor Wes and Lisa praying for our family. Collier was checking out the Pastor's tie, and Landry had a death-grip on her "color" (aka: pen).

Uncle Drew with Collier afterwards.
Drew said he heard about my blog post from a few weeks ago, and he wanted me to know he loved me. Ha! He even offered to give me a hug! :)

Judd, Avery, and Landry.
Judd and Avery are only 3 days apart!

"Look Collier!" What a great big sister!

Judd, Laurel, Landry, Collier

Beautiful flowers that my grandmother brought. We were able to fill 5 mason pretty!

One of the only group shots I got that day...
Gigi and Papa-D with all four grandchildren!

 I love looking back at the pictures from Landry's dedication and remembering that commitment that we made. For those of you who don't know what a baby dedication is, I'll give a little breakdown of what it is to me. I grew up in a different denomination, and we were baptized as babies. At our church, we dedicate babies and baptize when the person reaches the age to make that decision on their own. The dedication is a time where Micah and I commit as parents to raise our child according to God's word and commands. It is also a time where our church is asked to pray for our family and commits to support us in raising Collier in a way pleasing to God.
Such a special day, and such a great time with family!

After the dedication and brunch, we loaded up the car and our little family headed to St. Louis for a few days. A whole post on that trip will be coming soon!

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