Saturday, March 10, 2012

I didn't know...

I didn't know that I could love another someone so much...

 I didn't know my heart had any extra room!

 I didn't know my life was missing something...

 I didn't know HE was the perfect fit to the empty spot!

 I didn't know that he would have piercing eyes like his Daddy...

 and in turn get away with everything for the rest of his life! :)

 I didn't know that he would need me SO much... 

 or that I would love that part the most!

 I didn't know that his smiles would melt my heart,

 and his kisses would warm my spirits.

 I didn't know that the time would fly even faster with him than it did with his sister.

 I didn't know that 6 months could be such a BLUR!

 I didn't know that I could survive on such little sleep...

 and be thrilled and thankful to be doing it!

I didn't know that this sweet little bundle was going to light up my life like nothing I ever imagined!
I am thankful everyday for God's special surprise for our family!

I just LOVE this 6 month photo shoot that we did a few weeks ago. Landry's 6 month pictures are some of my absolute favorites, and I can't wait to frame some of these and hang them up together. It is such a sweet stage! I cannot even narrow it down to which ones are my favorites. Which ones do you like?!

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