Monday, March 26, 2012

A post from Collier...

Haha! My mommy has been playing with ME instead of blogging and keeping you up to date! We have been having so much fun! I wasn't here last Spring, but this is really a super-fun time of year to be outside. :)

 I got to go to my first Razorback Baseball game last week, and I looked gooood. I got to wear an awesome baseball hat that my daddy's best friend got for me and a fun monogrammed shirt that I got as a baby gift before I was born. People thought I was just precious!
My mama thinks I look like a serious baseball player in this picture!

I really enjoyed the game and acted very nice. We were inside a box, so I even had a nice warm place to have my diaper changed. What a life! My parents are already talking about how they will spend lots of time at the ballpark when I start playing sports. What do they know?! I will probably just like video games or something.
Anyway, my mom will be back soon. She has lots of other exciting things to update you our trip down to Gigi and Papa-D's!

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