Sunday, March 18, 2012

Next Month

I knew that this was coming, but I still feel like this moment has completely snuck up on me. Over the past two years, we have answered the question, "how old is your baby?" more than I can count. The answer has gone from days, to weeks, to months, and I seemed to handle that all okay. Last week, there was a big change. Someone asked that simple question, and before I could answer with 23 months, Micah blurted out, "She will be TWO next month!" It felt like a punch to my gut, and I honestly had to take a minute to keep myself from crying. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN that she is turning two NEXT MONTH?!
Honestly, she is at such a fun stage that it is hard for me to be sad, but it does make my heart ache to think about how fast the time has flown.
So...because I want to, I am going to share some precious pictures of my 23 MONTH OLD and tell you all the fun things she is doing right now. :)

-She is constantly singing. Her favorite songs are the main song from Rio, Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle, and her ABC's.
-She counts everything and has 0-10 totally down. She actually picked up a washer (you know, the things that go with a bolt or nut or whatever...ha!) the other day and said, "zero?" So cute!
-Landry loves for her Daddy to tell her how pretty she looks. When I get her dressed or he comes home from work, she will run up to him and say, "Pretty?" :)
-She has finally started trying to say her own name. This has taken a while! When she says it, it sounds like Andy. We have started calling her that some, and I think it is so funny! 
-Landry had never shown interest in walking down our stairs, so we have always let her crawl up but get carried down. Last week, I was upstairs with her when Micah got home from work. She heard him come in, ran out of her room, and they were talking through the stair railing. I heard him ask her, "Are you coming down to see Daddy?" and then I heard her answer, "Yes!" I ran from her bedroom and saw her holding on to the railing and walking down the stairs herself! I walked right behind her, and she made it all the way down with ZERO help!
The next day, she and Collier woke up from their naps about the same time. I had him in my arms to carry down the stairs and asked her if she wanted me to carry her to. Her response was, "No Mama. Andy big girl!" WHAT!???!! I immediately said, "No you're not!!" :)

Anyway, she is hilarious and totally lights up my life. She keeps us laughing and on our toes!
Now, for the sweetest pictures you have ever seen...
Landry checking out her booty while shopping in STL. We were in the family restroom changing diapers and feeding Collier, and Micah and I were dying laughing while watching her. She knows she looks good! :)

 In the pictures below, she was having a complete conversation with herself in the shoe mirror at Nordstroms. She was laughing, offering herself juice, and making faces at her new friend. So silly!

Princess Landry at dinner last night. She loves dressing up!

"Where {fill in the blank} go?" The question we hear 5 billion times a day!

And finally, a picture that makes my heart skip a beat. I REMEMBER this day, and it does not seem like it could possibly be years ago within the next few months.  

Andy, you are SO much fun, but please stop getting older! I am not sure how much longer I can handle this with grace. :) 

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  1. Turning two is harder than one I think :)

    LOVE that dress in the "where go?" picture!!!!