Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A fun visit!

Spring Break was last week, and even though the kiddos aren't in "school," all of our church activities were canceled for the week. Micah had some work stuff he needed to take care of in Fort Smith, so we decided to pack up and make a few nights of it. The kids and I headed down earlier on Tuesday and had to drive in a terrible rain storm. Yuck! It ended up being pretty cloudy and rainy the whole week, but we still had fun being able to stay in and snuggle!
Landry just loves Gigi and Papa-D, and even though she often acts like a little stinker while we are there, we love getting to visit. I am sure other mamas can relate on how the kids want to have nothing to do with you while they are at the grandparents, but Landry was QUICK to want to snuggle in my lap as soon as we got home. :) She is a mess, for sure!
The kids cuddled and played on daddy's old bean bag!

Gigi got them some foam bunny glasses, and Landry thought they were so funny!
She wore them for her tea party...

Collier wore some that matched his pj's...

And Gigi and Landry put them on after lunch!
 I know I have posted about this before, but Micah's grandparents live next door to his parents. It is always fun to see Grandmama and Grandad, and I love that the kids get to know and play with their great -grandparents! Landry can't quite say Grandmama, so she was calling her Me-Mama...it was cute! Grandmama loves to play the piano, so she and Landry had a great time playing and singing "Jesus Loves Me."
Sweet picture of Grandmama and Landry!
We had a great visit! Collier mastered crawling while we were there, so now he can move around without doing the "army crawl" everywhere. Our lives have changed a lot in the last week with him being officially mobile!

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  1. So sweet! My grandparents (my mom's mom and dad) are called Me-MaMa and Pe-PaPa because my niece (who's now 16) couldn't say "great" as well!! So cute!! Your kids are so adorable, and I know you are just soaking up all of this cuteness that these ages bring!!! Take care :)