Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St. Louis!

Sunday afternoon, we loaded in the car and headed to St. Louis to visit some of our favorite friends! I have known Camille and Jason for 5 or 6 years. She and I used to work together, and I just loved her to pieces. She is super cheery, hilarious, and loves to sing to me. :) They have always been the friends who had dogs, loved OUR babies, but said they were happy and weren't interested in having babies of their own. Honestly, Camille used to say that she was happy to purchase baby gifts, but attending baby showers was a no-no. Well.....God had different plans for our sweet friends. They came to visit after Collier was born, and Camille told me she was PREGNANT! I was shocked and screamed and cried like crazy! Micah laughed and said that I was more excited hearing that they were pregnant than I was with either of our pregnancies. :) I really was thrilled for them. I had always been a little sad thinking about them not having kids because I just love them both so much and knew they would be such fun parents!
So, I tell you all that to say that Sterling Hazel was born in February, and I could not wait to get up to St. Louis and get my hands on that little bundle! She is just a doll, and Jason and Camille are totally relaxed and act like they have been doing this forever!
While we were there, we ate a lot of awesome food, visited the Children's Museum, shopped, and just relaxed and enjoyed our time with the Hectors. Jason is a super-star chef at an awesome restaurant, and we got to eat there one night. It was ahhhhmazing. I really like having friends that like food as much as I do! Ha!!

Camille and Landry (being a little stinker).

Yea for baby Sterling!!
She is just so tiny. She is less than 8 pounds at a month. Micah said, "I don't remember Collier ever being this small!" Um....because he wasn't!!

One of their furry babies...Tinker. She was Landry's favorite!

Seriously, their dogs are like children. Look at how she sits on the couch! Cracked me up!

Landry got to have her first Shirley Temple at the hotel reception. She thought she was BIG STUFF!

Our visit to the children's museum was AWESOME! Landry had such a good time. Only one picture of Collier because he was on my back most of the time...I promise, he was there! :)
My pictures are not in the order I want them, but I can't get them to move around will still get the point!

This little booger is so strong!

Look at that face!

Hilarious! You can't tell that anything is happening to Micah's hair, but Landry's was the perfect length. :)

Camille and Sterling (yes, she is in that tiny little pouch!!) about to be surrounded by a bubble!

One of my favorite pictures ever. Look how happy she was!! And on her tippy toes. :)

Daddy checking out the fun

Landry going down the big slide.

Lots of tunnels to crawl through!

Landry loved this big "light bright" type toy!

Within 5 minutes of getting in the car after our fun day!

We tried to get a picture of all three babies together, and this was the best we got...still sweet!

We had SUCH a great visit, and we are already planning a trip back to do Grant's Farm and the Zoo when it is a little warmer. It is definitely tricky traveling with two crib babies, but we made it work. We always make sure we have a hotel room with seperate living/sleeping areas to be sure we can seperate the pack-n-plays. This time, we ended up having to pull the mattress off the bed and move it to the living area to work for our set-up. It was hilarious trying to move furniture around in a hotel room, and we laughed each time we walked back in the room and saw our set-up. To give you a real visual, picture the pull out sofa pulled out and then a big mattress on top of that! :) We left the "do not disturb" sign on our door all 3 days so that the workers didn't have to deal with our craziness, and we put everything back neatly before we left.
Love you Jason, Camille, and sweet Sterling! Can't wait to get back up soon!

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