Friday, June 22, 2012

My Only Flaw...

I know, you all think that I am perfect and totally pulled together (hahaha!!), but I do have ONE flaw. I like to think of myself as a pretty mature individual. I like to act responsibly, set a good example for my children, and respect those around me. All of those things went out the window on Monday. I, Lindsey Gibson, acted like a total fool at the doctor's office. 
To start out, I will give you a little background. I have been terrified of needles since I was in elementary school. I remember when my brother (who is 3 years older than I am) had to get his shots to go in to 7th grade. I remember crying to my mom about how I was going to have to get shots "In 3 years!!" She used to tell me that they would have something invented by then where they wouldn't have to poke me...liar. :) Fast forward to the summer before 7th grade where I went to the school shot clinic to get the ONE shot I had been dreading for 3 years...they changed the rules that year, and I had to get 3 shots that day AND come back for two more. Oh, and I must not leave out the part where on the return visit for shot #4 I locked my step-mother out of the car and refused to unlock it until she told me we could leave without going in. That didn't work out so well because I had to go back two days later with my super embarrassed dad who I overheard the nurse tell, "I promise we won't call DHS on you if you just hold her down long enough for the shot." 
So, you probably get the picture. Needles are not my thing. Well, really needles are my thing. They make me crazy. Mostly, it is just the thought of the needle. I have never had an experience where it hurt, it is just the thought of the whole process. 
After the whole 7th grade shot fiasco, I only had my blood drawn once when I was 12 and had an abscess tonsil. From that point on, I started dreading the fact that I would one day get married, and my husband would probably want babies, and I would have to get my blood drawn again at that point. Seriously, I had nightmares about this. Well, I made it another 12 years and found out I was pregnant. Devastation set  in that I was probably going to have to have my blood tested. I searched for alternatives, and I thought I found a way around the tiny needle prick by having my babies at home. :) I told you that I am insane. Childbirth is nothing compared to the mental anguish of that needle poking me! I got around all the tests and IV's, but I did have to get my blood drawn once for life insurance during that pregnancy. Micah promised that it would last for 30 years, and I wouldn't have to do it again. It was torture. My poor mother-in-law was there and got to see me act like a complete idiot that time. I had the nurse draw the blood from the top of my foot because I am totally crazy about anyone touching the insides of my arms (because that is where needles poke you!!). I lived through it, and ended up having two beautiful babies at home with no more needle pokes! 
Fast forward again to the past few weeks...I have been having headaches and major dizziness for about 3 weeks now. The doctor did a CT scan, and that came back clear. He said that we MUST do lab work to see what was going on, and honestly I felt bad enough that I knew something needed to happen. So, that was Monday...the day I spent over 3 hours at my sweet doctor's office. He sent me to the lab, and I tried to get the nurse to draw from my foot. She agreed to try, and poked me twice with no luck. :( During that time, Collier was with me and screaming because he was hungry. I asked the lady to give me a break so that I could feed him (and honestly, I just wanted away from her because she did not like me causing so much trouble! Ha!). She sent me to a room all by myself and said she would come back and get me. 30 minutes later, she still wasn't back (I don't really blame her.). 

At that point, I heard my sweet nurse out in the hall, and I went out to talk with her. She is my age, newly pregnant, and she and I have totally bonded. Our doctor sees our whole family, so I have lots of time to get to know them. :) She told me that she used to work in the ER, and she would just do the draw for me instead of me going back to the lab. She tried to tell me what good veins I had in my arm crease, but I was not letting her get close! She tried getting blood from my hand, but it didn't work either. She got a tiny bit, but not enough. 

After that, she thought I was going to pass out. I had been there several hours without eating, so she went and got me some juice and gave me a few minutes. I snapped this quick {goofy!} picture of myself. Seriously, look at the color difference between my face and my chest. I was WHITE!

She came back a few minutes later and finally got some blood out of the side of my arm. Weirdest place ever. It totally didn't hurt, but I was so glad that it was over! 

I apologized the entire time I was there, and I was so embarrassed for acting like such a fool. I kept saying,  "I am so normal other than this!" Hahahaha! Yea right. At one point when we were trying to get creative I asked, "Laura, where do you draw from people who don't have arms? Let's leave my arms out of this!" They were so sweet to me, and I am so thankful to have such a great doctor and staff. I know this is a long story, but basically the short version is...If I wasn't such a freak, I would have been poked once instead of four times. :)

The next day I took them Mimi's muffins and a cute onesie that I got monogrammed for Laura's baby, Caden. It made me feel better to give them a little "I'm sorry!" gift. 

 So, there it is...the story of my one flaw. :)

To make myself feel better, I had a slumber party that night with one of my very favorite girlfriends. Michelle came over, we had a yummy dinner, baked delicious cookies {I will post the recipe this weekend}, watched some mindless television, and stayed up giggling in bed until after 1:00! Seriously thankful for friends like her! 

By the way, the blood work came back normal, so we are still exploring to see what is going on. 
Have an awesome weekend!

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