Friday, June 29, 2012

Landry Update

Today is Landry's turn for an update! First of all, I will just say "Praise Jesus!" Landry is healthy today, and no more pukey-dukey-doo to clean up. Yesterday challenged my totally pulled together, everything in its place, never raise your voice, clean hair, perfect makeup, working out, 3 warm meals on the table status that I am so used to living up to...I ALMOST didn't get all those things done. :) Sister was sick, and it was so sad! She would start to throw up and have such a confused look on her face. She had no idea what to do, and huge tears would run down her cheeks. Broke this mama's heart!

Here is a picture of her napping on my chest yesterday morning. I was not about to stick her back upstairs and cross my fingers she didn't get sick. Good thing because about 10 minutes later, there was a major need for clean sheets on my bed. 

Now, on to her update. Landry is talking so much and saying so many funny things! Here is what she has going on at 26 months...
  • She weighs 27 pounds and is 34 1/2 inches tall.
  • She is totally potty trained during the day, but still wears a diaper at night.
  • She wears 2T in almost all of her clothes and size 5 shoes. (I forgot to mention yesterday that she and Collier wear the SAME SIZE SHOES now. That boy has big ole' feet!)
  • She LOVES to sing. Everything is a song. I love listening to her make up new words...and watching her dance.
  • She is totally in love with her daddy. The picture below is from dinner the other night, but this happens all the time. She said "By me Daddy!" because she wanted him to pull her highchair closer to him. Then she said, "Hold my hand!" They ended up eating their whole meal hand-in-hand. Micah loves it!

  •  She still has a Mickey Mouse obsession and has been limited to watching only one episode a day (if that). It doesn't stop her from asking for it 10 million times, but it makes me feel a little better. If you've ever watched the show, you know the part where Mickey says "Anyone want to come into my clubhouse?" Landry will reply..."Andy does!" Hilarious.

The few pictures below are from Landry in her new favorite shirt. Our babysitter, Laura, found this shirt for Collier at Target. Well, Collier didn't end up getting to keep it because Landry stole it from him. It, of course, has Mickey and all her favorite characters on it. If she sees this shirt in the morning, that is what she will cry and cry to wear! I have just had to figure out how to girly it up so that I am not totally embarrassed of her to go out in public in it. :) She wore it one day with red shorts and a big red was actually pretty cute. One of her favorite parts is "the backside!" 

  •  Landry loves playing outside. She doesn't seem to care how hot it is, she is happy to be outside running around, digging in the dirt, jumping on the trampoline, and especially swimming. 

Now, I have to share a few of my favorite Landry quotes from the past few weeks. Forgive me, but I am putting them in quotes the way she pronounces them. She has trouble with her f's and l's right now (and many more!). 

 -"Bite me Daddy!" -she says this when she wants a bite of something. Ha! We about died the first time she said it.
-"Tiss my pase!" aka: Kiss my face.
-"Paint my wips." -when she wants lip gloss.
 -"Colliers a baby. A BIG, big baby!"
- "Das fun!" - aka: That's fun!
- "My tolor!" - when she wants to color.
- "Me no like it." - She is really figuring out how to communicate what she does and doesn't want.
- "Das gos!" aka: That's gross! :) Lots of things Collier does are "gos!" 

Anyway, I know there are many more, but I will spare you. :) I am sure you can tell that she is entertaining at this say the least! 

We are looking forward to a full weekend as a family. I am planning to take Landry to see her first movie in the theater tomorrow....we will see how that goes! Pictures to come, I am sure. 
Happy Friday! 

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