Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Phone clean-out!

Here I am, behind again. :) Surprise, surprise! We have been having such a good time getting back in our groove from vacation mode. It has kind of carried over and made us a little slow moving for the past week. Oh well, I like it! 

 The kids are SO busy right now and doing so many fun things. Enjoy the random randomness of all the pictures I needed to clean out of my phone from the past few weeks. I have not picked up my "real" camera since we got home from the beach. 

Collier is literally a fish. He loves the water, and unfortunately has ZERO fear of falling/crawling/leaning/jumping in. Micah let him out of his floatie at my parent's pool the other day and took him on a little boat ride. He loved the freedom! :)

Collier had his first taste of watermelon last week...he is a fan! 
No picture of this (you're welcome), but a funny story. Micah thought he would be "fun dad" earlier this week and made Landry watermelon puree (even sweetened MORE with agave nectar). He put it in a big sippy cup for her and she downed it in about 45 seconds. He was scolded greatly by me the next day because we spent 99% of our time on the toilet. Sometimes Daddies need a reminder about cause and effect. LOL! 

Collier is IN.TO.EVERYTHING. right now. He wants to know what is going on, and he wants to be in the middle of it. I thought these pictures were funny from the other night before bed. Micah and Landry were playing a game, and Collier could not stand that he wasn't a part. He was pulling hair and pushing himself through to try to see what they were up to. 

 Landry has a slight obsession with Micky and Minnie Mouse right now. She loves getting dressed up as Minnie, is always looking for her Minnie and Mickey dolls, and asks to watch Mickey Mouse 5,000 times a day. I only let her watch one show a day, but I honestly think she would spend 24/7 in front of the T.V. if Mickey was on. She knows all the songs, and it is so funny to watch her sing. 

I have one more Mickey story that I have to share. On Saturday, we had a wedding shower for my soon-to-be SIL, Emily. It was at a sweet family friend's house...Vickie. On the way there, I told Landry that we were going to Ms. Vickie's house. Her face lit up so bright, and she said "Mickey's house??!" I kept telling her that wasn't right and we were going to VICKIE'S. She kept talking about it the whole way there and finally said, "Mama, I want go to Minnie's house too." It was so cute, and she was only slightly disappointed that there was no one with huge ears at the shower. :) 

If you scroll back up, you will see these in the Minnie pictures too. Landry has a strange attachment to these pink Razorback sweat-bands that Micah brought her from a baseball game. She wants to wear them everywhere, and she even sleeps in them! She wore the sweetest Matilda Jane outfit to the shower on Saturday, and accessorized with her sweat-bands. She calls them her "woo-pigs." Hilarious. 

I already said it earlier, but Collier is all over the place. With Landry going potty so much (ha!), it is tricky to keep him out of the way. He likes to splash in the toilet, dig in the trash, and unroll toilet paper for a snack. The other day, Micah stuck him in our clothes hamper while he took Landry potty. Collier thought it was so much fun, and he kept ducking down and then popping out the top! This IS the new baby cage. 

This is a FB repeat, but too sweet not to share. Landry pulled her pants up all by herself the other day. I have titled this picture "90 year old lady in my 2 year old's body!" :) She likes to hike those pants up for sure! 

Landry has perfected "the pout." This picture is from Memorial Day after we made her quit swimming. She had been going non-stop for about 5 hours, but that was not enough for her. She is beyond a mess!

And, talk about random. I found this picture from Christmas on my phone that I don't think I have shared! The kiddos visiting Santa at the Promenade. I remember that I wasn't crazy about this picture when I took it, but I am so glad I didn't delete it because it is the only Santa picture I have from this year. It is funny how pictures grow on you if you don't delete them. :) They have both grown so much, and Collier looks like such a little chunk of a man in his jeans. Love!

Well, it is quiet at my house for about 5 minutes, so I am going to go catch up on some reading! 
Happy Tuesday! 

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