Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A whole new world...

A few weeks ago, Collier became an even happier little boy. At his 9 month appointment, our doctor said we could start feeding him table food. I had an idea before, but this boy can EAT! If he has food on his tray, he will sit and eat for an hour, and he will still eat a jar {or two!} of baby food. 
I can't remember if I posted this before {and I am too lazy busy to go back and look}, but Collier was in the 95th percentile for height and the 80th percentile for weight. I think we are going to have a big boy on our hands!

His favorite foods right now are:
Green Beans
Strawberries (my mom broke the rule and gave these before one year!)
Black Beans
Steamed Carrots
and Broccoli

Basically, he loves anything he can get his hands on! 

A little side story...
Before Collier was born, Micah and I started referring to him as Collier Bean. I don't really know how that happened, but it has stuck. We call him that all time, and it has even been shortened to Colli-bean or just Bean. Landry has picked up on it, and the other day I heard her talking to him and saying "Bean, you're MY Bean!" Micah and I were laughing one night last week and wondering if we will still be calling him that when he is a big boy, playing sports, etc. It is funny how those things just happen. 
Andy and Bean...two of the loves of my life! :)

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