Monday, July 23, 2012

Camera Obsessed

Landry went to play with her cousins a few weeks ago and came home with a camera that Aunt Emily let her steal. Apparently, it was her favorite toy of the day. :)
Now, we are constantly posing for pictures or being squealed at to "ook! ook!" (look! look!). 
Her camera doesn't work, but it has entered us into a new realm with me taking her picture. She now realizes that she can see herself in the screen afterwards! For now, this is working as bribery to make her look at the camera, but we will see if that lasts. 

She loves to pretend like she is taking pictures, and she will say "awwwe" when she looks back at the pictures. 

Most of the time, the camera is backwards. :)

Hoping this whole looking at the camera thing sticks...she sure makes pretty pictures! 

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