Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's the little things...

One of my favorite things that we do at night is go check the mail as a family. 
It has been so hot that some days, this is our only time to be outside. I know that will all change once Collier is walking, but right now it is just too hot for him to crawl on the concrete! So, in the evenings after dinner, we change into our pj's and walk {C gets carried} out to the mailbox. 
Landry loves to hold Micah's hand as they walk, and on a good night, we get to see the sweet "woof" from next door. These are sweet, simple moments that I absolutely love. 

I have been thinking a lot about the little things in life. Our family is in a time of transition with several different things going on. I am trying to take time each day and appreciate the small little blessings {that are really SO big} that I often don't take time to recognize. Here are a few things just from this morning...

-We had two explosive diapers before 8:30 this morning. 
Praise the Lord that we have diapers, I have babies, I have a washing machine, and extra sheets and clothes for the kids that God has trusted me to raise. Little things. 

-Micah decided to cook breakfast for our family this morning. At 8:30, after the two explosive diapers, I walk into our kitchen to find a bomb went off and there were dirty dishes everywhere.
Thank you Jesus that I have a husband who loves us {and who does the dishes 99.9% of the time!}. Thankful that we have money to buy groceries, a kitchen to cook in, and a husband who has to rush out the door because he has a JOB to report to everyday. Little things.

-Oh, let's not forget coffee. So, so thankful for coffee. Little things.

-Other things I am thankful for this morning...
ponytail holders
fresh Okra that I am cooking for lunch
babies that like to nap
a daughter that keeps saying, "want me mommy!" because she wants to be cuddled
a WEANED baby boy that will actually let me rock him now
etc. etc. etc.
Little things.

Take some time today to think about the little blessings in your life! It can certainly turn a bad day around!


  1. Perfect post....so true! (and YAY for the weaned baby boy!! Hello, date nights--ha!)