Friday, July 20, 2012

Feeding the Animals

My kids love food. It really isn't any surprise because Micah and I love food too! :) I have had several people ask me how in the world we get Landry to eat certain things. Honestly, I think it is luck that tomatoes are her favorite food, but I also think it helps to start offering them a wide variety of foods very early.

So here are a few "rules" that we try to stick to with our kids:
-99% of the time they eat what we are options. 
-We learn what they like, and don't offer that to them until they have tried something else. We figured out pretty quickly with L that if there are tomatoes or cheese on the plate, nothing else gets eaten. 
-We don't offer fruit or anything sweet until after they have eaten their dinner. 
-I try to offer a wide variety of colors and textures for them to choose from. 

With Collier, I mix his food all around on his tray so that he gets bites of different things in the same handful.   

He ate every bite (with seconds!) before we moved on to dessert.

I love watching those sweet little hands feed himself. 

So, for the meal above, Collier had:
roasted broccoli and cauliflower
black beans
diced cheddar cheese
organic honey grahams

I KNOW picky eaters exist, so I am by no means saying that our way of feeding babies is the only and/or correct way. This is what has worked for us

Happy Friday! I am sure looking forward to the weekend!!

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