Thursday, February 20, 2014

February Family Trip!

I'm a little out of my routine for blogging this week and totally skipped my regular Monday post. BUT, I have a good reason. I have crazy, stress-ball of a life caught up with me, and now I'm hurting like crazy! I'm all drugged up, so hopefully it will be kicked soon. I've had so many fun things planned this week that I've just tied to power through and still do them. I had a date night with Micah, and I'm planning on leaving town for the weekend with a friend tomorrow. I told her it was either hurt riding in the car laughing with her or stay home and be harassed by the kids. :)  I'm picking laughing until I hurt even worse.
One of our family resolutions for 2014 was to spend family time together once a month by taking a trip, making a memory, or doing something else intentional. The funny part is, for January, we had planned to go to a local hotel and spend the night to let the kids swim. When the house flooded, we got to do that a week early! :)
For February, we went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas. It was SO much fun. We took our sweet babysitter, April, with us so that we could have one-on-one time with each child. It was so perfect, and such a great memory maker for our little family. The best Valentine's Day I've had in a long time!

The hotel had story time each night, so we got dressed in our jammies and went downstairs for the fun!

Landry got to sleep on a bunk bed with "wuvs" or "woofs" (aka: wolfs) painted on the walls all around it. She loved being in the "cave" and thought it was so cool!

 We got to eat some really yummy food while we were there, and you know Collier is always up for that!

The hotel has a 34,000 square foot INDOOR water park that only hotel guests can use. The kids loved, loved, loved getting to swim while it was so cold outside. Landry loved the ocean (wave pool), and Collier loved the action of going down the slides over and over and over again. Bretton wasn't much for the water...he preferred to be snuggled and nap. :)

Collier loved having a phone in the room, and he pretended to call Mimi and Gigi the whole time we were there. "Hi! Collier here. How are you mimi?" "Gigi, can you hear me? This is me, Collier!"
It was really a great weekend for our family. This is by far one of the bigger outings we have planned for the year, but I'm SO glad we did it. The kids had a blast, and I loved watching them experience new things!

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