Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Helmet

Bretton got his helmet last Friday, and we are slowly getting used to it. He has done pretty well so far, but today we are up to wearing it 8 hours during the day and overnight for the first time. Naps are not going well, so I'm not very excited about tonight. Hopefully he will sleep the 12 hours like he normally does!
Bretton is just the happiest, sweetest, most content little thing. The helmet hasn't seemed to change that one bit. We are still getting lots of smiles, and he doesn't even seem to notice it unless he is trying to sleep.

We have had a few moments like this, but I can't tell if it's just when he's sleepy or if the helmet is really making his neck tired.

I've had several people ask, so I thought I would just share here...
For now, we are not planning on decorating or doing stickers all over. I think the helmet draws enough attention on its own, and I like it plain. :)
Then, you can focus on things like B's beautiful eyes instead of dino stickers all over. Ha!

In the past week, Bretton has become mobile! He isn't crawling, but he is rolling both ways and scooting all over the place. He gets himself in all sorts of trouble. :)
He started out under the toy on his back...
Then, he got stuck under the ottoman and was laughing SO hard. He is too funny!
Thank you guys SO much for all the sweet comments about B. A helmet is really no big deal, but it was hard on me to have to go forward with it. I know that seems so stinkin' silly, but it was just kind of another thing on our list, and not really what I had pictured for me sweet boy. We expect that he will wear it for 4-6 months if everything goes as planned. He will wear it 23 hours a day and get one hour off for bathing him and washing the helmet.
Landry and Collier have been cracking me up. We didn't warn them that Bretton was getting a new accessory, and they have been so funny. Landry called it a "homiet" and Collier has taken it off of him twice. We had to have a serious talk with Collier about not touching, but he wants one too!

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