Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I was just thinking this morning about everything that has transpired over the past year for our family. As we prepare to reach the date of Parke's passing in a few weeks, I am so overwhelmed and in awe that God gave us Bretton. For goodness sake, he is so stinkin loved. He is by far the most popular person in our house (Daddy comes in a very, very close second).
The kids want to hold him constantly.

Landry refers to him as "her baby," and she seriously takes such good care of him. She directs people on how to hold him, what he needs, and loves to help feed and change his diapers. 

 And I harass him and take way too many pictures. :) He's just so sweet, I can't help myself.
Today I am thankful and humbled that I got chosen to be Bretton's mama.

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  1. She is little Miss Mama in the second pic. So precious!!