Monday, February 3, 2014

Make THIS Monday!

I can't believe it's already Monday all over again. I loved hearing from several of you about how much you liked the brisket! So glad you're trying things...and liking them!
This week's recipe is something simple, but very yummy. They are called Egg Boats, and our whole family loves them! This is a newer recipe for me, but we have made it several times over the past few months. It's another recipe that you can customize to your family's preferences, and you can even make each one different for each family member (which makes it nice for picky eaters!).
Baked Egg Boats
(Serves 2 adults and 2 kids)
Small loaves/rolls/baguettes (I'll talk more about this below)
8-9 eggs
Salt and Pepper
Your favorite cheese (grated)
Cooked bacon or sausage (optional)
Cooked veggies of any sort (optional)
This is the bread that I have found I like to use. They are meant to be baked at home, so the bread doesn't get too burnt or crusty after baking for another 20 minutes. Also, these are the perfect size for the kids, and they love having anything that is all for them and not cut up. :) You can also use a whole loaf of French bread, or sandwich size buns. You just want to make sure that it is crusty enough to hold the eggs in and not fall apart.

Hollow out each "boat" and fill with your favorite cheese. At this point, you would also add any meat or veggies you were using. We didn't use any additional ingredients this time, but I highly recommend bacon and gouda cheese. :)

 Crack the eggs into a shaker, add a big splash of milk, and salt & pepper. Hand it to a princess eating a sucker at 8:30 in the morning, and let her help shake the eggs. If you don't have a princess, this part can be done on your own.

Distribute the eggs evenly between the boats. When you've filled them up once, go back and do it over again. The bread sucks up the eggs! 

Bake them for 20-25 minutes in a 350 degree oven. Make sure the eggs are set in the center and let cool for about 5 minutes before serving.
*Picture is before they were baked* 

And, just for full disclosure...SPRAY YOUR PAN! Be very careful when you are hollowing out your boats not to poke a hole in the bottom. Even though I have been crazy careful each time, I have never baked them where one didn't leak all over the place. They still taste amazing, but they are much, much easier to get off of the foil if it is sprayed. :) 


  1. Made these for dinner tonight with crumbled sausage & my family and I loved them!! ;) Thank you for the recipe!! I uploaded it to Pinterest so I can make them again!

  2. Morgan! I'm so glad you tried them...and liked them! I meant to put in the post that we love stuff like this for dinner. :)