Thursday, January 30, 2014

Our Week...

Our week so far has been pretty low key, and I've loved it! I haven't taken that many pictures, but here's what we've got since the last update. :)
Two happy little souls "nuggled" up in Mimi's bed...

One unhappy little boy after he got caught drawing all over mommy's wall with dry erase markers...for the second time.
I almost feel guilty about this photo because I posted it on Facebook and then thought...oh my word! Am I one of those parents who is going to make my teenagers hold a sign and take a "shame" photo when they do something wrong?? Good gravy, I hope not.
Look at his sweet little face though...he didn't stay in trouble for long. :) 

Couch + Hummus + Online Movie + Napping Brothers = Happy Mommy and Sister Snuggles

We baked mini pumpkin pies for Daddy one afternoon. Random, yes. We had some mini crusts that were getting close to their date, and the only pie I had ingredients for was pumpkin. The kids loved them!

On Saturday, every single person in my family slept until 9:00 or after. I got up and had some much needed alone time. What an absolute blessing!

 Best hairstylist I know. Appointments only...walk-ins not welcome.

I read this on Facebook the other day and about died from laughing so hard! I texted it to Micah, and he thought it was hilarious too. I love my wine people, but I love my husband more. :)

My precious B.
First time Sushi eaters! They hated it, btw.

Made our weekly run to Sam's Club as a family. 

Is it a pillow? Is it a blanket? Why choose?

Princess Sophia. We are obsessed with all things princess, and Landry's sweet brother actually calls her by her princess names depending on what dress she's wearing. He is the best.

The paparazzi got me! Landry loves sneaking surprise photos. Glad it's blurry.
Unwashed hair, Micah's shirt, my favorite maternity pj pants from when I was pregnant with Landry (seriously, I can't let go of them!). :)
Hope your week is going well too!

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