Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All about our girl...

My little baby Landry is a few months away from turning FOUR, and it is making my heart hurt but making me so happy all at the same time. She has always been fun, but she is getting to be FUN now. We can talk about things, laugh about silly things the boys don't understand, dress each other up, and do all sorts of girly things together...for real now. She is such an absolute blessing, and I cannot imagine not having this spunky little girl in my life. I think back to the moment that I found out I was pregnant and cried like a baby. Then, the night we found out she was a girl, I came home and cried even more. I didn't think I was ready for a baby, and I definitely knew I was having a boy. I could handle a boy...I had two brothers, several nephews...I thought I would be more prepared to handle that. But God obviously knew exactly what I needed when he gave me Landry. She is a hoot, and just the bit of spunk that I need in this house full of boys.
Landry will be 4 in April, so she's 3 and however many months that is...my brain hurts.
I don't have any height or weight stats on her right now, but she's definitely on the small side and has been passed up by her little brother. She loves to be my helper with the boys and is really great at following directions and doing things I ask (when she wants to). She is full of sass and talks back regularly...we are working on that, but Micah thinks she came by it honestly for some reason. :)
I love her...like to the moon and back 5 billion times.
I love writing down things she says that I don't want to forget. Here are a whole bunch of my favorites from the past few months:
-Micah took her to Target one night and let her pick out anything she wanted from the $1 section. She picked out a princess notebook. A few days later, she was scribbling in it and I asked her what she was working on. She said, "I'm writing peaches in my notebook." (Speeches)
-"Mama, why are you eating? You're already all the way grown."
-"Collier, stop talking to me...my life is full."
-"That's enough Bretton! That's enough crying for one day!"
-Landry: "We have too many kids in this house!"
Me: "Ok, who should I get rid of?"
Landry: "DEFINITELY one of the boys."
-"Mama, you know Neighbor-Ham from the Bible? You know...Daddy said he was a father with lots of sons. NEIGHBOR-HAM...remember?"
-While we were staying in the hotel on the 4th floor last week, she looked out the window and squealed like the little princess she is, "Daddy! We can see the whole world from here! The ENTIRE thing! I love our new home!"
-"No, I'm not the boss...I'm the SISTER, so they have to listen to me."

-Landry: "Mom, I'm eating something in my mouth."
Me: "Ok, what is it?"
Landry: "I think it's called throat water."
-Landry: "When I'm big, I'm going to marry my Daddy."
Me: "Sorry, you can't because he's married to me."
Landry: "Well, you're not the best dancer, so he's going to have to marry me instead."
She always has something smart to say, and she is an absolute mess. I'm thankful she is mine, and I can't wait to share what the boys have been up to with you soon! 

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  1. What a little doll...I love reading what kids say. Thanks for the laughs :)