Sunday, January 19, 2014

What's coming...

I'm getting with it this week, and I'm planning on doing blog updates on each of the kiddos. I've also had a few of you that I'm friends with on Instagram or Facebook ask that I share some of our healthy recipes on here, so I'm planning to do that. My goal is to stay organized and update once a week with a new recipe that I cooked the week before. We shall see. We're about to jump full swing into therapy and other fun stuff for Bretton, so my time will continue to be stretched. I AM going to post about all of Bretton's happenings in his update later this week.
Until then, here is a random assortment of pictures to clear things out...
The view from my lap one morning. I am TOTALLY blessed with lots of snuggles.

Tons of doctor visits and entertainment while waiting with this little man.

Bretton's first time flying.

"Collier, have you been playing with markers?"
"No mama."

If I put this basket here, and climb into Bretton's crib, I can get two feet closer to the TV.
He's clever...and ornery.

Sweet brothers.

Dinner out with Dado, Nana, and my 90 year old Papaw. He's so great, and he loves talking with the kids. It is hard that he doesn't remember them, but we don't see him nearly as often as we should. He asked this time, "Lindsey, are these all your kids?" :) Love this picture.
Papaw has been able to meet Bretton several times now, and this is the grandfather that Parke was named after his dad. He never knew about Parke because it was just too confusing for him, but I'm so glad he has been able to know the other kids. Every time he sees Collier, he talks about how he had blue eyes and blonde hair like that when he was little. I'll take a mixture of my Papaw and Micah in a sweet little son any day! :)  

B hated real food, but we tried.

Little miss sunshine. She is the best.
I'll see you tomorrow with my first, Make THIS Monday post. Sharing a recipe I know you'll love (because a bunch of you have already tried it). Ha!

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