Thursday, January 9, 2014

Resolutions and such...

We rang in the new year with precious friends and lots of loud kids. It was wonderful. I have been thinking about resolutions this past week because I normally don't make any, but I have a lot on my mind that I would like to change this year. I love having people keep me accountable, so I'm looking for my blog to keep me on my toes. :) Here is my list of resolutions, changes, and commitments for 2014...

1. Feed my family meals that I've actually thought about.
I've made a meal rotation list of 45 meals that I will be rotating to start off. I love to cook for my family, and I love for us to eat healthy. Realistically though, if I don't think through things and plan meals/grocery shopping/time to cook then I end up making a protein shake while my kids eat a handful of lunch meat or frozen chicken nuggets. I'm planning to cook at least 5 nights a week for my family and have leftovers to eat for lunch. We will be eating healthier and cutting out a lot of processed food, but we will definitely still be splurging every once in a while.
2. Be intentional with my giving.
When I donate household items, clothes, toys, or anything really, I have gone with the easiest drop-off location in the past. This year, I plan to be intentional in choosing organizations or families to give things to that would make the biggest impact or the most difference. Micah and I will be careful and specific with our philanthropic donations and make sure we give where God is glorified and his truths are carried out.
3. Simplify.
Oh my even felt good to only have a one word sentence! I've been trying to do this for a while, but I've been struggling. 2013 was a whirlwind, and I plan for 2014 to be a year where I can hopefully simplify our schedule, our possessions, and many other areas of our lives.
Does this mean that maybe we will sell our big ol' house that we thought we needed, but now we realize is only extra space crying to be filled up with meaningless junk? I kind of hope so.
We're praying through things, and I hope a lot of changes are coming. If not this year, maybe the next. Simplicity is what I want.
4. Make memories as a family.
Micah actually came up with this one, but I'm sharing with you because I plan to blog about it. Micah has committed that once a month we will do a family trip, "staycation," or something along those lines where we make lasting memories with our kids. It may be something small like a weekend committed only to swimming and takeout, or camping in the back yard. Some months may be an actual out of town trip with a few nights in a hotel, but whatever we do will be great and so much fun! I'm super excited about this one!
5. Blog More, Instagram/Facebook Less.
That's pretty self explanatory. I love the blog because I can print it and keep it and read it for years to come. I love Instagram and Facebook because it's simple to upload photos, keep up with friends, and do it all quickly! I plan to do more blogging and less of the others because I like the way I can keep up with things better. :)  I commit to blogging at least once a week, hopefully more.
Tomorrow we will celebrate Parke's birthday, and to me it feels that is really the start of our new year. I haven't been able to get this upcoming day off of my mind for a month now, and I feel like things will feel fresh once we make it through this milestone for the first time.
Don't forget to blow your bubbles and send me pictures! I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Much much much love to you in 2014!

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