Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Calm and The Crazy

I feel like the past few weeks have been such a mixture of craziness and really calm, sweet moments in our house. Nothing in between...just one or the other.
Last Friday (on Parke's birthday), we stepped on our wood floor in the living room, and water squirted out. Um...that isn't supposed to happen! We called a restoration company, and they came within the hour and dug around until they found the culprit. It was the dishwasher, and it had been leaking for a while and finally seeped through the walls into our living room. Our kitchen floor is stone, so it wasn't affected much. They drilled holes in the base of our cabinets, tore out baseboards, and put 10 of the loudest fans you have ever heard throughout our kitchen and living room. I called a plumber and he came immediately and fixed the dishwasher in about 10 minutes. It was a $3...I repeat, THREE DOLLAR, part the was leaking and created such a mess for us!

We packed up that evening and had to spend a 4 nights in a hotel until they cleared the fans out. I could not even hear myself think, couldn't get into the kitchen to make food/bottles/etc., and Collier immediately stuck his hands in every hole he could find as soon as the restoration folks left. We are home now for at least a few days while they match flooring (they have to rip up the wood floors. Ahhh!) and get everything prepared for restoring our casa. We will be out next week for a few nights while everything is patched up.
To top our week off, get this...
We went to a very nice hotel that is very close to our house. They have breakfast and an indoor pool, so we thought it would be a great place for us to "live" for a while. We were there one night, and then came back home to repack for multiple days of living. While we were gone, our room was cleaned and MY FAVORITE BOOTS WERE STOLEN out of the closet. We got back, and Micah noticed first. Then, we kind of froze and just stared at each other for a few minutes. I know they are just "things," but they were seriously my favorite boots ever. I've had them for 2 years and honestly wore them at least 3 times a week. Every single outfit that I packed to wear during our stay was planned around those darn boots. Blah, blah, blah.
So, we go downstairs and tell the evening manager, who is SUPER duper unprofessional and nervously laughs during our entire conversation. She ends up telling us we have to file a police report, so we did. We know that only one person (named Bernice) entered our room while we were gone, but basically the hotel has done nothing to fix our issue up to this point. They haven't returned phone calls, they haven't followed up, they have just infuriated my sweet husband.
So, watch out poor hotel employee that Micah gets on the phone tomorrow. Ha!
And, by the way, the boots are no longer available. I can't find them at Dillards, can't find them on Giani Bini website, where. So, that adds to my distress. :)
I told Micah the part that is really frustrating to me is that this person stole. If Bernice would have told me she was in need of new boots, I would have probably taken the boots off my feet and given them to her. It's not okay to steal from someone, especially when it is your JOB to clean people's hotel rooms and be around their belongings on a daily basis. Grrr.
Other than those stinky little things, our week has been fabulous. I have 20 million pictures to update tomorrow, and we have had so many precious and calm moments being out of the house and forced to slow down a bit. I had a sweet friend text me that she was praying exactly that for us, and it was amazing how I had noticed that was already happening.
Here's to hoping this week is calm without all the crazy!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the bad breaks you had to go through that week. The plumber was very efficient since he was able to find out and fix the problem in 10 minutes! So the cause of the dishwasher leakage was a small broken part? Wow! It only goes to show how important every part of a device is, no matter how small. By the way, I'm sorry for the loss of your boots, too.

    Kristen Morris @